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KASKO is open for collaborations!

Kasko is an insurance distribution network that allows you to quickly and easily integrate insurance products into a site, service, or app.
KASKO makes insurers agile. Via our middleware insurers can launch and continuously optimize insurance services in a cost- and time-effective manner without having to reprioritize internal IT resources. 

Founded date 

Jan 1, 2015

Base location

London / UK



Background story

Originally our idea was to go after websites and new digital players and convince them to cross-sell and upsell insurance. But when we went back to insurance partners we might be able to help us wipe those products we found out that they saw even more opportunities. They saw opportunities to create new products, such as cyber insurance to utilize new data sources such as IoT, banking data or social media data all to push new channels such as new banking partnerships, or partnerships with websites and other solution providers. However, they also told us that they couldn't go after those opportunities.

That's how Kasko was born!


Proof of concept with corporate clients or key account.


Collaborating with other companies for creating common value.


Licensing for expansion, distribution, technology adoption and so on.


From investors such as Angel investment, Venture Capital, Corporate VC.


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