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[Korea] Request for EC mall opening support

We operate an apparel EC site in Japan.
We are considering opening a store in an EC mall in Korea in the future, and are collecting information about opening an account at an EC mall in Korea.
We would like to ask you about the necessary conditions for opening an account at each EC mall and ask for the opening support.

(EC mall under consideration)
11th Street : http://global.11st.co.kr/
Gmarket: https://global.gmarket.co.kr/
TMON : Https://www.tmon.co.kr/

*Especially considering opening 11th Avenue and Gmarket as potential candidates.

Business content

Men's and women's clothing, men's and women's underwear, men's and women's fashion accessories (planning, import, production, wholesale sales
overseas manufacturers of the agency business)

What are we looking for

(1) Support for opening an account when opening each EC mall (please tell us the necessary conditions for opening an account.)
(2) If it is necessary to establish a local corporation as an account opening condition, we would like to ask for support for establishing a local corporation.
(Consider establishing a paper company)


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