Hire remotely

from our fellow community

Looking for expanding your teams and trying to adopt remote-culture?

Hiring remotely is as hard as working remotely. We believe talent supply and demand should not be location dependent. And there is a big paradigm shift in the horizon about the job market. We wanted to distribute opportunities to the people who live in underprivileged countries and communities."



We recruit, train, employ, and manage at our company for you. We tackle with the issues, and day to day management. You sub-hire from an exceptional working environment. Salary + Management fee.


Hire for yourself directly. Initial fee + commission on the top of candidates' salary.

Hiring options

Hire from our pool

We hand select and recruit as interns in monthly batches. The selection process is challenging both for candidates and for our program managers. During 1 month-long internship, we bootstrap our interns with an extensive job training program. We use the latest tools and techniques for the international working environment. Tell us what you need and hire hesitate free.

On-demand search service

We analyze and design a remote hiring strategy. The search and bring potential candidates. you make the final decision.

Working environment

We are a remote native company, even before the Covid-19 crisis.

Fellow in action on miro - Ice breaker a

Engaging activities

Working remotely doesn't mean we lack-of social activities. We curate and encourage collaborative culture.

Our interns selected from thousands of people and get 1 month-long intense training and international working experience.


We provide regular mentorship sessions.


We share knowledge and insights


Resources for career develop


The latest PM systems and techniques.


We guide them to have presentable impact.


In Slack & our other social communities.

Tool sets

We equipt them all the advanced tools.


We surround with the Silicon Valley culture.

Our supports